Machining Processes

Machining Processes


Machining Processes that Define the Future

With our expert team of engineers and shop floor research, Makino has developed several precision machining processes that give you a competitive edge–faster processing, lower costs and reduced cycle times.

We’ve integrated a new kind of manufacturing intelligence – combining software, engineering and automation – that helps you reach a new level of production. Whether you need to understand the unique properties of a particular alloy, or gain an edge over your competitors, our processes offer solutions. See how much more you can do with Makino.


With Makino’s precision machining process, even smaller shops are competing and winning EDM work. Makino EDM delivers faster processing times, lower costs and superior surface finishes for even the most complex part geometries.


Machining Processes - Grinding

Imagine reducing part cycle times by as much as 75%.  Makino’s machining centers combine grinding and milling in one machine helping you reduce non-cut, setup and tool-changing times.


Machining Process - High Speed Milling

Manufacturers ready to take their business to the next level need faster turnaround, bigger jobs and more work. When you use a Makino machine for high speed milling, you can work faster and complete jobs in less time at a lower cost per part.

Machining Processes - Micromachining

As applications grow in complexity and shrink in size, Makino machines and engineering services provide micro milling and micro EDM solutions with the high-accuracy machining necessary to produce miniature parts.

Parts Production

Your customers are demanding world-class parts production with the lowest cost per part. Makino helps you meet these demands with higher quality, shorter time to market and the flexibility to quickly adapt.


Give your machines a Titanium ADVANTiGE.™ Our Titanium Research and Development Center connects you to a select group of titanium engineers with applications that can work for your business.


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