Grinding Blades and Vanes with Closed-Loop Processing

Grinding Blades and Vanes with Closed‑Loop Processing

Remaining Competitive in Today’s Aerospace Industry

Now that the MAX is no longer grounded and vaccines are readily available, the commercial aircraft industry can begin its long-awaited recovery. This means that both engine and airframe builders as well as their suppliers will need to ready themselves as production rates start to climb in order to support the increasing demand.
While the aerospace industry will experience a growth surge, unfortunately it won’t be at the previously high rates of production—where it’s much easier to produce a profit. Rather, aerospace builders and suppliers will have to forge solutions in order to remain competitive at lower production rates. To do this, they’ll need to leverage every competitive edge available.

In this intriguing whitepaper, you’ll learn how closed-loop manufacturing can give aerospace part manufacturers a leg up on the competition with reduced machining time and improved accuracy and quality.  You’ll see why working with a single-source provider is essential to planning and executing the process.  We’ll also give you a list of the single-source provider qualities you should evaluate when researching and implementing a closed-loop manufacturing process.

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