Part 3 - Machining Titanium

Part 3 ‑ Machining Titanium

Machining Those Other Titanium Alloys

There are many different titanium alloys other than Ti 6Al-4V – each with significant variants in chemical structure and characteristics. When you’re working with any of these, it’s essential to know not only their thermal conductivity but also their yield strength, UTS, density, and modulus of elasticity before you ever put the spindle in motion.

In this informative webinar, we’ll look at how Grade 1 through Ti 10-2-3 titanium varies from Ti 6Al-4V. We’ll review the differing characteristics of each and we’ll show you the data from the tool life test we’ve conducted. You’ll learn which surface speed generates the longest tool life for each grade of titanium.

We’ll also discuss our cutting force testing and how radial engagement factors into the results.

Download this whitepaper now and discover how to machine a range of titanium allows at the optimum surface speed/radial engagement to achieve maximum productivity and profitability.

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