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Financing Options

Capital Lease - Tax/Operating Lease - Loan - Rental Agreement - Flex Payments

Capital Lease/Lease Purchase

A Capital lease is a structure that is very similar to an equipment loan, in that there is a set length of term and a stated (usually fixed) interest rate with payments that are made up of principal and interest. The customer takes advantage of the machines depreciation benefits and reports the equipment as owned by them. However, Makino Capital and the customer can set the end of term payment option at any number that would be construed as a “Bargain” to purchase. This purchase amount can usually be anywhere from $1.00 to 10% of the machines purchase price.

Makino Capital lease and lease purchase options are designed with manufacturer’s in mind. We are giving owners easy and affordable access to the most advanced machine technology, and helping companies bridge the gap between where their operations are now and where they need to be.

Work with Makino Capital to design your lease purchase – with end-of-term options or a guaranteed purchase price.

Tax/Operating Lease

An Operating/Tax lease is an agreement to use or rent the equipment from the Lessor (Makino Capital) for a specified period of time. At the end of the lease agreement, the Lessee (Customer) can then decide if they want to purchase, continue to rent or return the equipment to the Lessor.

This type of lease structure offers significant benefits such as:

• Lower monthly payments
• No down payment
• Potential tax advantages
• Ability to defer the true purchase decision until a specific time in the future
• Match the term of the lease with your customer specific contract term

Our goal is to connect manufacturers with the machine technology they need. With the tax lease program, companies receive state-of-the-art machines with low lease payments, and you can manage risk while staying ahead of the competition.


Use your new machine as collateral, and lower costs with tax benefits and interest deductions
Work directly with Makino Capital to purchase your new equipment. Take ownership of the most advanced machine technology on the market. Superior service and a rapid turnaround add value beyond the competitively priced product.

With your new machine, you save money with tax benefits of depreciation and interest deduction.

Makino Capital has designed a financing program that gives manufacturers access to the machines they need to revolutionize production.

Choose Fixed or Variable Rate Payments
You choose – fix your interest rate for the term of the loan or float the rate with an index.

Rental Programs

Implement critical equipment without the risk of a long-term purchase.

Don’t wait on new equipment. With Makino Capital’s rental programs, you get short-term use of state-of-the-art equipment.
The rent-to-own agreement is perfect for companies who want to test out equipment before they purchase.

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