Machining Process

Machining Processes that Define the Future

Always on the edge of innovation, Makino offers more than just the world’s finest machines. We develop the processes and solutions that answer today’s problems and solve tomorrow’s challenges. Whether it’s understanding the unique properties of a particular alloy or helping you gain an advantage over your competitors, Makino is your partner.


Faster processing, lower costs and superior finishes com standard.

With more than 140 patents, we leverage technology and innovation in every EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining). It gives our machines an edge over any other solution. With a Makino on the shop floor, companies realize...


Expand capacity for grinding and milling

High Speed Milling


Precise, Predictable, and Repeatable Micro Machining.

As applications grow in complexity while shrinking in size, precision micro machining to micron-level tolerances is needed more than ever. Makino’s technology equips your shop with precise, predictable, and repeatable manufacturing....

Parts Production


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