Improved performance when precision and surface quality matter.

SurfaceWIZARD™ is an important innovation from Makino that improves performance in difficult, real-world production of EDM parts for medical, aerospace and other applications where precision and exceptional surface quality is required. SurfaceWIZARD is particularly useful in parts with variable shape, thickness or sudden changes in thickness, such as a stepped part. It also produces excellent results cutting through cross-drilled holes or other similar detail.

Before SurfaceWIZARD, burning parts of this kind would often leave “witness” lines, the telltale lines left at the transition from one-step thickness to the next. To remove witness lines, a part would require either bench work or secondary operations, each of which increases production costs and slows delivery. SurfaceWIZARD technology virtually eliminates witness lines and maintains part straightness.

Benefits of SurfaceWIZARD:

• Minimizes witness lines that occur due to material thickness and stepped changes
• Eliminates wire-break issues
• Improves part straightness
• Achieves more consistent, higher-quality surface finish
• Suppresses errors caused by changes in machining condition variables by employing new generator and adaptive control technologies


SurfaceWIZARD helps maintain accuracy, especially in stepped parts.