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What is 5XC?

What is 5XContinuous?

5XC represents the “next-generation” of Five-Axis Machining.  Several technologies are converging to take five-axis machining to the next level. Mold and die makers will benefit from more capable machining centers, milling tools and CAD/CAM systems that are rendering five-axis machining remarkably more productive.

For a deeper look at these key 5XContinuous Technologies please watch the 5XC webinar below.
Watch the 5XC Webinar
What is 5XContinuous?

  • Machine Tool Technologies:
    • New machine tool technology improvements with rotary table accuracy’s improvements from +/- 5 arc seconds and table speeds of 30-50 rpm to +/- 2 arc seconds and 100-150 rpm.
    • Rapid traverse went from 20 meters per minute to 60 meters per minute with 2g acceleration rates
  • Motion Control Technology: Makino’s latest SGI.5 machine motion control technologies along with 5X smoothing lowers cycle times by 30% with linear scales going from 0.05 to 0.0125 micron.  All of this together allows more precise control of the tool contact point for the ideal cutting condition like avoiding cutting on the tool tip

  • Tooling Technology:  Utilization of HSK interfaces, precision collets, with runouts under 1 micron.  New hybrid shape tooling and Multi-Flute cutters such as barrel cutters.

  • CAM Systems Technologies: There has been an evolution in 5X CAM systems to handle standard 3X strategies (Raster, Parallel, Constant Z & 3D offset) to create 5X complex toolpaths without a steep learning curve like in the past.

  • Verification Technology: Makino’s on-machine verification software, Collision Safe Guard, has the ability to verify the NC code prior to being executed on the machine including consideration of the last bits of information the operator inputs like real tool length and part location on the machine that cannot be checked in virtual verification.
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