Makino technologies provide reliability, flexibility and superior finishes for manufacturing medical parts.

Makino Knows Medical

Makino offers a full line of Horizontal & Vertical 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centers and Wire EDM & Sinker EDM machines - all providing outstanding finishes and stable processing for complex medical components. 
Our application engineers are specially-trained in medical applications for the manufacture of medical implants, instruments, and surgical robotics. We start by understanding your challenges, targets and capabilities. Then we make sure we propose the proper Makino product, workholding and process for the parts you produce to meet every exacting specification and benchmark.
Makino will stand by you to validate the quality and savings of your Makino product and process.  Additionally, we can train your team on the best use of your Makino machine and its many features. This is “Makino’s Promise of Performance”.
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Makino Knows Medical

Reliable. Stable. Flexible.

Producing exceptional complex medical parts – including orthopedic implant parts, medical devices and instrument packaging - requires a 5-axis machining center that provides exceptional reliability and stability in a production environment.
A high-performance 5-axis machining center can also effectively decrease scrap, reduce the number of set-ups needed, and drastically shrink cycle time. The DA300 meets these demands by utilizing technology that can effectively machine a range of materials from aluminum to medical grade alloys.


DA300 Vertical 5-Axis Machine

Production of orthopedic implant parts, medical devices and special packaging - among other medical applications – is ever changing and presents many challenges. Makino meets these demands with technology that can be used to machine titanium alloys, cobalt chrome, and stainless steel - all with the flexibility to adapt to the latest medical developments. The future is now when manufacturing medical parts with Makino technology.
DA300 Vertical 5-Axis Machine

Dynamic-Production Machining Center ROI:

How to Determine a Machine's True Value in a Medical Market Application
View this whitepaper demonstrating how a dedicated 5-axis vertical machining center (DA300), combined with Makino’s unique SGI control technology, multi-axis fixturing, reduced secondary operations and improved tool life provides a much quicker ROI. The paper also discusses the ramifications of total life cycle costs and the benefit of automating the process.

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