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Straighter, More Accurate Parts without Increased Wire Consumption

A competitive market always drives the need to lower costs and reduce lead-times. Manufacturing quality parts faster with decreased consumable costs can keep you ahead. Makino’s BellyWIZARD™ technology does exactly that.

How it helps 

Inaccuracies (the “belly” or “bow”) are usually worse in the center of a vertical span of a workpiece. These errors occur 90 percent of the time during the initial rough cut. BellyWIZARD cuts closer to the net shape in the rough cut, reducing or eliminating the need for additional skim-pass machining. This results in a straighter part—as much as 40 percent straighter over conventional wire EDM technology.

How it works 

BellyWIZARD’s adaptive technology automatically selects the optimum machining parameters for the height of each workpiece. It also automatically compensates for changes in the wire caused by eroded wear and wire lag. The result is a straighter and more accurate part without increasing wire consumption, all in reduced cycle times.