Complex applications with micron-level tolerances. Makino machines and engineering can meet the demand.

Miniature Parts Made with Big Technology

Many industries now require precision micromachining to micron-level tolerances. Our machines and engineering services help companies of every size meet these exacting standards.  Your customer’s tiny part features can create the biggest challenge to manufacture. Let us help you make your part because no opportunity is too small.
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Miniature Parts Made with Big Technology

Ultra-precision machining options

As applications grow in complexity and shrink in size, Makino provides the micro milling and micro EDM solutions with extreme accuracy needed to machine miniature parts.

iQ300 / iQ500 Vertical Machining Centers:
Makino’s IQ series of machines are ideal for micro milling on the most difficult to machine materials and tiny features.  Materials such as carbide, ceramic, and fused silica are easily machined due to the class leading thermal stability, smooth machining motion, and proprietary spindle design.  Typical IQ applications include LED tooling, optic free forms, micro medical, subminiature components, as well as many unique R&D parts that require extremely tight, sub-micron accuracies.

V22 Vertical Machining Center:
The V22 was designed from the ground up to eliminate vibration, provide outstanding resistance to thermal distortion, all combined with a rigid casting.  These key elements ensure precision, accuracy, and reliability when machining complex materials such as ceramics, hardened tool steel, or carbide for complex core and cavity geometries.

D200z Five Axis Vertical Machining Center:
With a unique tilt/rotary table design that is ideal for maintaining the tightest accuracies and rigidity, the D200z is extremely efficient in the micro machining world.  With the added capability of moving around complex part geometries in five axis, part features that were previously not feasible now become all in a single set-up.  Part examples include LED tooling, carbide die inserts, as well as complex mold shapes.

EDAF2 Sinker EDM​:
Offers an ideal mix of high-speed machining, high accuracy and surface finish capability to efficiently tackle any job.

EDAC1 Sinker EDM​:
World’s most accurate sinker EDM, built with a refined power generator control and exacting construction to deliver the highest level of accuracy and surface finish.

EDFH-1 EDM Hole Drilling​:
Incorporates high-accuracy EDM drilling into the same machine platform as EDAC1, capable of performing high accuracy standard Ram EDM processing. 

UPN-01 Wire EDM:
Capable of achieving sub-micron level accuracy and equipped with a unique horizontal wire drive system that enhances wire threading performance.

The Makino micromachining difference

Makino delivers exactly what you need: sub-micron accuracy, predictable results and high-quality finishes. Our micromachining centers are equipped with advanced spindle temperature control, very tight accuracies, and rigid machine construction – capable of high-speed machining and sub-micron precision.

Our consultative approach helps you engineer processes and plan investments beyond the machine tool, so you can consistently get the results you demand.

We invest in our engineers’ training in a temperature-controlled precision machining room, using metrology instruments with angstrom-level resolution and micro size milling tools.  Let Makino’s world class knowledge and application expertise in the micromachining segment be part of your technical advantage to help you make your part.
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