Sinker EDM


Sinker EDM

The EDGE2 machine brings an effective combination of high performance and versatility to Sink EDM operations. 

The EDGE2 machine brings an effective combination of high performance and versatility to Sink EDM operations.  While not as capable as the high-end EDAF-Series, the EDGE-Series machines are configured with many productive technologies to efficiently handle any task.  The EDGE2 utilizes the latest SuperSpark4 and IES (Intelligent Expert System) technologies, which provide advanced adaptive power and jump controls to stabilize the EDM machining process while improving accuracy.  The machine also features the advanced SuperSurface and SuperEdge generator technologies that produce the best surface finish and metallurgical quality.
The EDGE-Series machines feature a compact and space-savings design that incorporates the di-electric reservoir into the base casting, which improves thermal stability, and is standard with a di-electric chiller unit.  Positional accuracy is improved and maintained with a stationary work table design, and excellent work zone access is provided to the operator with a 4-sided programmable rise and fall work tank.  The ATC (Automatic Tool Change) system is integrated into the machine structure and is located underneath the X and Y axes, and provides extended machine operation.  The EDGE2 is also configured for safe and reliable unattended operation, and is equipped standard with a Flame Sensor and Fire Suppression system.

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Technical Specifications

The EDGE2 utilizes the proven Windows-based MGH-6 control system that features a 15” touch screen display.  Input and output of program and machine data can be transferred through the USB or Ethernet ports, and an advanced Handbox with LED display and Emergency Stop button is standard.  Programming of the EDGE2 is simplified using the MPG (Makino Program Generator) function, which allows operators to create productive programs utilizing a friendly top-down conversational interface.  The collective technologies incorporated into the EDGE-Series machines provide unparalleled value, capability, and productivity. 

Table: 500 x 350 mm
X: 300 mm Y: 250 mm Z: 250 mm (350 mm)

Rapid Traverse

5,000 mm/min

Maximum Workpiece Weight

500 kg

ATC Capacity


Tank Size

650 x 450 x 300 mm

Drop Tank


Max Electrode Weight

50 kg

Max Available Amperage


Table: 19.7” x 13.8”
X: 11.8” Y: 9.8” Z: 9.8” (13.8”)

Rapid Traverse:

197 ipm

Maximum Workpiece Weight:

1,100 lbs

ATC Capacity:


Tank Size:

25.6” x 17.7” x 11.8”

Drop Tank:


Max Electrode Weight:

110 lbs

Max Available Amperage:


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