Horizontal Machining 4‑Axis

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Horizontal Machining 4-Axis

The a81nx is Makino’s next generation 630mm horizontal machining center. 

It builds on the industry leading performance of its predecessor with new design elements focusing on the large part, large feature challenges common in many industries. 

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Technical Specifications

The a81nx expands part size capacities through enhanced table and column castings that coupled with an additional 100mm of Y-axis stroke produce 12.5% more work envelope.  Robust 3-roller style B-axis table bearings ensure stable cutting throughout this new found work zone.  Large parts frequently mean large features too.  Tool length, diameter and weight capacities of the a81nx have all increased to support large face mills, boring bars and line bar applications.

Two new spindle designs provide productivity improvements in cutting and non-cutting performance.  The optional 8,000 RPM high torque spindle boosts continuous power levels by 19% over the previous model.  With 50 HP of continuous power, this high torque spindle is ideally suited for heavy roughing of iron castings and hard metal aerospace applications.  Both the 8,000 RPM and standard 10,000 RPM spindles feature significant improvements in acceleration and deceleration that reduce rigid tapping times by up to 30%.

Reliability and ergonomics are clear a81nx design objectives.  Proven technologies like single piece X & Z axis way covers and servo driven ATC shutters, ensure that the a81nx continues the Makino tradition of producing HMC’s with the highest levels of reliability.  The ergonomic focus is easily understood simply by looking at the ATC magazine.  All a81nx ATC magazines include a tool loading station (TLS).  This cam actuation device ejects the tool from the pot into a rail guided tool drawer.  Even maximum weight / diameter tools can be safely and quickly exchanged.

630 mm x 630 mm
X: 900 mm Y: 900 mm Z: 1,020 mm

B Axis


Spindle RPM

10,000 (8,000 High Torque opt)

Spindle Taper

CAT50 (HSK-A100 opt)

Rapid Traverse

50,000 mm/min (Std)
36,000 mm/min (High Torque)

Cutting Feedrate

50,000 mm/min (Std), 36,000 mm/min (High Torque)

Maximum Workpiece

ø1,000 mm x 1,300 mm

Maximum Payload

1,200 kg (1,500 kg opt)

ATC Capacity

60 (80, 136, 187, 299 opt)

Tool to Tool

1.7 sec (12 kg tool)

Chip to Chip

3.7 sec

Maximum Tool Length (Cat)

690 mm

Maximum Tool Length HSK

690 mm

Maximum Tool Diameter

356 mm

Maximum Tool Weight

30 kg (35 kg opt.)

24.8" x 24.8"
X: 35.4" Y: 35.4" Z: 40.2"

B Axis:


Spindle RPM:

10,000 (8,000 High Torque opt)

Spindle Taper:

CAT50 (HSK-A100 opt)

Rapid Traverse:

1,968 in/min (Std)
1,417 in/min (High Torque)

Cutting Feedrate:

1,968 in/min (Std), 1,417 in/min (High Torque)

Maximum Workpiece:

ø39.4" x 51.2"

Maximum Payload:

2,645 lbs (3,307 lbs opt)

ATC Capacity:

60 (80, 136, 187, 299 opt)

Tool to Tool:

1.7 sec (12 kg tool)

Chip to Chip:

3.7 sec

Maximum Tool Length (Cat):


Maximum Tool Length HSK:


Maximum Tool Diameter:


Maximum Tool Weight:

66 lbs (77 lbs opt.)

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