Horizontal Machining 4‑Axis


Horizontal Machining 4-Axis

High-speed, high production, single table horizontal machining center

Makino’s J-Series Horizontal Machining Centers are designed to be the core of high volume, flexible CNC based machining lines.  They feature the combination of a stacked axis design and single table configuration, while promoting highly efficient chip removal of transportation out of the machining area.  Featuring flexibility with respect to machine strokes and configurations, the J-Series HMC’s can be tailored during the pre-sales engineering phase of a program to precisely meet the needs of the program they are being integrated into, offering unmatched efficiencies related to floorspace and infrastructure requirements.

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Technical Specifications

The J5 is designed specifically around machining of larger footprint production workpieces, with a compact floor layout yet generous axes stroke options.  The machine options allow for customization of configuration around either ferrous machining applications using the standard HSK-A100 spindle, or more agile operations with the optional HSK-A63 unit.

Please contact your Makino representative to learn more about this machine, which can be tailored to your specific high-volume machining system needs.

500 x 500 mm std. (400 x 400 mm opt.)
X: 800 mm std. (1,100 mm opt.) Y: 650 mm Z: 650 mm

Spindle RPM

10000 (14000, 15000 Opts.)

Spindle Taper

HSK-A100 std. (HSK-A63 opt.)

Rapid Traverse

60,000 mm/min

Cutting Feedrate

50,000 mm/min

Maximum Workpiece

Up to Ø800 mm x 940 mm (consult factory for details)

Maximum Payload

600 kg. (1,200 kg. Opt.)

ATC Capacity

15 (16, 30, 40 Opts.)

Maximum Tool Diameter

125 mm (160 mm, 250 mm Opts.)

Maximum Tool Weight

8 kg. (20 kg. Opt.)

19.7" (15.7 opt.)
X: 31.5" (43.7" opt.) Y: 25.6" Z: 25.6"

Spindle RPM:

10000 (14000, 15000 Opts.)

Spindle Taper:

HSK-A100 std. (HSK-A63 opt.)

Rapid Traverse:

2,362 in/min

Cutting Feedrate:

1,969 in/min

Maximum Workpiece:

Up to Ø31.5 in x 37.0 in (consult factory)

Maximum Payload:

1,320 lbs. (2,640 lbs. Opt.)

ATC Capacity:

15 (16, 30, 40 Opts.)

Maximum Tool Diameter:

4.92 in. (6.30 in., 9.84 in. Opts.)

Maximum Tool Weight:

17.6 lbs. (44.0 lbs. Opt.)