Horizontal Machining 5‑Axis


Horizontal Machining 5-Axis

a51nx-5XU: Bringing the proven performance of Makino’s nx products to 5-axis part production.

Manufacturers of medical, aerospace, prototype and complex multi-face parts have long understood the advantages of 5-axis machining. Five-axis machining capability can improve productivity and quality simply by consolidating operations.

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Technical Specifications

The linear X-, Y- and Z-axes of the a51nx-5XU are built from the same tiered column, bed and rigid casting structure as Makino’s industry-leading a51nx. Rotary B- and C-axis motion comes from a pair of responsive (75 / 150 rpm) direct-drive motors. Both motors are housed in an integral cast structure that eliminates the stack-up errors and loss of rigidity common with table-on-table 5-axis designs. The contoured table casting provides ideal spindle accessibility to the workpiece. The C-axis cables are routed through the splash-guard ceiling, ensuring reliability and chip-free operation.
What makes the a51nx-5XU stand apart from other small 5-axis machining solutions is its horizontal orientation and integrated workpiece automation. Horizontal orientation offers ideal chip shedding. Avoiding recutting of chips, especially in aerospace and medical materials, improves tool life and part surface finish. Loading parts in a 5-axis horizontal orientation, however, can lead to some material-handling challenges. The a51nx-5XU eliminates these challenges with its unique work-pallet magazine.
Each a51nx-5XU is configured with a work-pallet magazine (WPM) similar to Makino’s proven matrix tool magazines. The standard WPM22 stores 22 workpieces up to ᴓ300mm wide by 300mm tall. An optional WPM58 can hold 58 smaller ᴓ200mm parts. Parts are mounted directly to 50-taper dual-contact tool holders (BBT50) and stored in the WPM matrix. In just 4 seconds the automatic work changer transfers the readied workpiece from the WPM to the integral V-flange receiver of the machine’s C-axis. Offline workpiece setup and loading through the standard work-setting station ensures maximum spindle utilization.
The 5-axis part production capabilities, integrated with standard workpiece automation, make the a51nx-5XU an ideal solution for manufacturing of rotating cutting tools, aerospace, medical and prototype components. The work-pallet magazine supports continuous unattended manufacturing of high variety and low volume as well as traditional high-volume parts production.

BBT50 Tool holder
X: 580 mm Y: 640 mm Z: 500 mm

B Axis

270° (-90° ~ +180°) Direct Drive

C Axis

360° Direct Drive

Spindle RPM

14,000 (20,000 opt)

Rapid Traverse

60,000 mm/min

Cutting Feedrate

50,000 mm/min

Maximum Workpiece Size

300 mm ᴓ X 300 mm (WPM22) / 200 mm ᴓ X 300 mm (WPM58)

Maximum Payload

30 kg

ATC Capacity


Tool to Tool


Chip to Chip


Maximum Tool Diameter

170 mm

Maximum Tool Weight

12 kg

BBT50 Tool holder
X: 22.8" Y: 25.2" Z: 19.7"

B Axis:

270° (-90° ~ +180°) Direct Drive

C Axis:

360° Direct Drive

Spindle RPM:

14,000 (20,000 opt)

Rapid Traverse:

2,362 ipm

Cutting Feedrate:

1,968 IPM

Maximum Workpiece Size:

11.8" ᴓ X 11.8" (WPM22) / 7.87" ᴓ X 11.8" (WPM58)

Maximum Payload:

66 lbs

ATC Capacity:


Tool to Tool:


Chip to Chip:


Maximum Tool Diameter:


Maximum Tool Weight:

26.5 lbs

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