Makino T1

Horizontal Machining 5‑Axis

Makino T1

Horizontal Machining 5-Axis

T1 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center: Performance and Capabilities for Any Shape and Any Material

Today’s premium job-shop market requires flexibility. The ability to efficiently machine a wide variety of parts and materials on a single machine provides a competitive advantage. With this in mind, Makino has developed the T1 5-axis horizontal machining center.

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Technical Specifications

The T1 shares much of the TI ADVANTIGE™ technologies that were introduced with the larger purpose-built T2 and T4 machines.

  • Robust box-way castings establish a foundation of rigidity and dynamic stiffness.
  • Active damping eliminates cutting vibrations at the source, increasing metal-removal rates and tool life.
  • High-volume, high-pressure through-spindle coolant improves tool life by eliminating heat and evacuating chips from the cutting zone.

   Complementing these technologies is T1’s unique kinematic structure. Its 155-degree tilting A-axis and deep chest column provide full five-sided machining capability for parts up to 1,500 mm in diameter. 

The key to the T1’s flexibility is its 12,000-rpm spindle. The T1 tackles titanium with 1,000 Nm of duty-rated torque from spindle start to 1,000 rpm. Aluminum structural components are at home on the T1 with continuous power output of 76 hp out through 12,000. While titanium and aluminum highlight the extreme boundaries of the T1 spindle capability, mid-range power and torque levels are well suited for materials ranging from stainless steel to Inconel®.  

The 5-Axis Makino T1 delivers the productivity and flexibility you need for any shape and any material.

1,000 mm
X: 1,500 mm Y: 1,300 mm Z: 2,000 mm

A Axis

155° (-110° ~+45°)

B Axis


C Axis


Spindle RPM


Rapid Traverse

25,000 mm/min

Cutting Feedrate

25,000 mm/min

Maximum Workpiece

ø1,500 mm x 1,500 mm

Maximum Payload

3,000 kg (5,000 kg option)

ATC Capacity

60 (96, 137 opt)

Tool to Tool

4 sec / 6 sec

Chip to Chip

14 sec / 16 sec

Maximum Tool Diameter

300 mm

Maximum Tool Weight

30 kg

Through Spindle Coolant

7 Mpa (100 L/min)

Nozzle Coolant

1.5 Mpa (50 L/min)

X: 59.1" Y: 51.2" Z: 78.7"

A Axis:

155° (-110° ~+45°)

B Axis:


C Axis:


Spindle RPM:


Rapid Traverse:

984.3 in/min

Cutting Feedrate:

984.3 in/min

Maximum Workpiece:

ø59" x 59"

Maximum Payload:

6,614 lbs (11,023 lbs option)

ATC Capacity:

60 (96, 137 opt)

Tool to Tool:

4 sec / 6 sec

Chip to Chip:

14 sec / 16 sec

Maximum Tool Diameter:


Maximum Tool Weight:

66.1 lbs

Through Spindle Coolant:

1,000 psi (26 gpm)

Nozzle Coolant:

217 psi (13 gpm)

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