Wire EDM


Wire EDM

Built to achieve even higher levels of precision and surface finish

The U32j Wire EDM machine is built to achieve higher levels of precision and surface finish capability over the standard U3 and U3 H.E.A.T. models.  The U32j has the capability to produce surface finishes down to 0.07µmRa (34µinRa) with the Crystal II Circuit, and can optionally operate with wire sizes down to 50µm (0.002”). The machine is ideal for producing high precision plastic injection molds, precision stamping tools, and medical component applications.  Improved positional accuracy is accomplished through higher tolerance alignment specifications during the assembly process, and axis accuracies of 3μm (0.0001”) straightness and 4μm (0.00015”) squareness and parallelism, ensuring reliable long-term sustained precision.

The U32j utilizes a stationary work table configuration that improves accuracy and eliminates the di-electrode weight shifting that occurs with traveling table designs.  A space-savings design minimizes the machine footprint by incorporating the di-electric reservoir into the base casting.  Additional benefits of the integrated reservoir are improved machine accuracy through greater thermal stability, and chilled air is also circulated inside the machine covers around the U/V/Z axis to maintain the entire machine at a constant temperature. 

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Technical Specifications

A programmable rise & fall 3-Sided work tank provides  excellent ergonomic access to the work zone, and simplifies loading and setup of the work piece.  Additionally, the rise & fall work tank design offers unimpeded access to the machine for maintenance, and the automation ready configuration streamlines requirements and integration for automation.  The U32j is also optional with Makino’s unique H.E.A.T. technology to boost productivity of poor flush applications, and a 3D Probe system is available to further reduce the setup process.
The U32j includes Makino’s Hyper i control that utilizes a straightforward 3-Step operation process of Program/Setup/Run, and this efficient and user-friendly interface is used for all Makino Wire and RAM EDM machines. The operator is provided with an effective and commanding view of the control with the large 24” class HD touch-screen display, and the interface delivers an intuitive and familiar touch Pinch/Swipe/Drag operation similar to smartphones and tablets.  The Hyper i control is also standard with a full-function advanced Handbox, digital onboard electronic manuals, instructional training videos, and advanced E-Tech Doctor help functions that empower the operator with everything they need to be productive right at their fingertips.


Table: 780 x 590 mm
X: 370 mm Y: 270 mm Z: 220 mm

Tank Size

790 x 610 mm

Available Wire Size:

.08, .1, .15, .2, .25, & .3 mm

Table: 30.7 x 23.2 "
X: 14.6 " Y: 10.6 " Z: 8.7 "

Maximum Workpiece Size:

30.7 x 23.2 x 8.7 "

Maximum Workpiece Weight:

1,322 lbs

Tank Size:

31.1 x 24.0 "

Available Wire Size:

.003, .004, .006, .008, 010 & .012

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