Wire EDM


Wire EDM

The physique to tackle extremely large part details, with the fineness and precision of smaller machines

The U86 Wire EDM machine provides larger machine travels and work tank to accommodate parts up to 1,400mm x 987mm (55.1" x 38.8“) with weights up to 3,000kg (6,614 lbs.).  While the machine has the physique to tackle extremely large part details, it retains the fineness and precision capabilities of smaller machines such as the U6 H.E.A.T.  The machine utilizes a stationary work table design that improves accuracy by eliminating variables such as work piece and di-electric weight shifting that can negatively impact machine movement.  A space-savings design minimizes the machine footprint by incorporating the di-electric reservoir into the base casting, and this also improves machine thermal stability.

Uncompromising user-friendliness are hallmarks of the U86 with its 3-sided rise & fall work tank and Hyper i control.  The rise & fall work tank offers the operator unimpeded access to the work zone from 3 sides.  This dramatically improves the safety and ergonomics for loading and unloading of large parts, and also simplifies machine access for maintenance procedures.  The U86 is standard with a 520mm (20.47”) Z-Stroke, but an extended 620mm (24.41”) version is also available.  Both Z-Stroke configurations position from Z-Zero to the maximum height, so there are no unusable dead zones, and the maximum work tank fill height is 50mm (1.96”) above the highest Z-Stroke position.  

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Technical Specifications

The U86 features Makino’s evolutionary Hyper i control system which offers intuitive, interactive, and intelligent functions that boost productivity and reduce the workload on the operator.  A high definition wide 24” class touch screen utilizes familiar touch Pinch/Swipe/Drag operations similar to smartphones and tablets, and uses a straightforward 3-Step operation process of Program/Setup/Run.  The Hyper i control contains many helpful intelligent tools that provide greater convenience and flexibility, such as the standard full-function advanced Handbox, on-board electronic manuals, instructional training videos, and advanced E-Tech Doctor help function that empower the operator with practical resources to remain productive right at their fingertips.   

The U86 is standard with H.E.A.T. (High Energy Applied Technology), which provides significant improvement to machining speeds in poor or difficult  flushing conditions while maintaining part straightness and accuracy.  H.E.A.T. harnesses the additional horsepower and output capability provided by the two independent CNC controlled flush pumps, and produces the high flushing pressure and high flushing volume needed to reduce cycle time of poor flush applications.  The machine makes use of a Split-V Wire Guide system that requires less maintenance and last 34 times longer than traditional Round Wire Guides, and provides reliable automatic wire threading  capability at full Z-Stroke height.  The U86 delivers productive and efficient operation, as all of the machining condition settings have been developed to provide an optimal mix of Speed, Accuracy, Surface Finish, and the lowest possible Wire Consumption.  The combined technologies incorporated into the U86 provide peak machining performance while reducing operational costs of wire consumption, consumable wear items, and machine maintenance requirements.

Table: 1220 x 910 mm
X: 800 mm Y: 600 mm Z: 500 mm

U Axis

±101 mm

V Axis

±101 mm

Tank Size

1400 x 910 mm

Available Wire Size:

0.20, 0.25, 0.30 mm

Table: 48" x 35.8"
X: 31.5" Y: 23.6" Z: 12.6" (19.7" optional)

U Axis:


V Axis:


Maximum Workpiece Size:

48.0" x 35.8" x 19.7"

Maximum Workpiece Weight:

6,600 lbs

Tank Size:

55.1" x 38.9"

Available Wire Size:

0.008", 0.010", 0.012"

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