EDM Hole Drilling


EDM Hole Drilling

The EDAF3-Fine Hole achieves outstanding operational versatility

The EDAF3-Fine Hole machine achieves the same level of high performance as the EDAF2-Fine Hole, but offers larger X/Y/Z Strokes and a larger work tank to accommodate bigger size parts. By combining both standard 4-Axis CNC Ram EDM capabilities with high precision EDM hole Drilling on a single machine, and uses a EDM di-electric oil that provides dramatic game-changing improvements to EDM Drilling accuracy, edge quality, and metallurgical characteristics.  Multiple industries depend on the EDAF3-Fine Hole machine to produce critical high accuracy hole features in applications ranging from Die/Mold to production details found in the Automotive, Medical, and Aerospace fields.

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Technical Specifications

The EDAF3-Fine Hole machine features Makino’s Hyper-i control, which provides an advanced and streamlined interface designed to enhance the capability and productivity of operators of all skill levels.  The Hyper-i control achieves higher levels of operational efficiency through its intuitive layout that provides a commanding view with a 24” class high-definition touch screen and the development of powerful and practical support tools such as the on-board training system and E-Tech Doctor functions. The machine floor space requirements are reduced by integrating the di-electric reservoir into the base casting while also improving thermal stability; sustained long-term precision is further enhanced by circulating chilled fluid through the Y-Axis and Z-Axis structures to maintain the entire machine at a stable temperature.  The machine also features excellent operator ergonomic access that is also automation ready with a 3-sided programmable Rise and Fall work tank, and is equipped with a U/V Flame Sensor and Fire Extinguisher system for safe unattended operation.
The EDAF3-Fine Hole incorporates several components that are specifically designed for high accuracy EDM Hole Drilling operations, such as the programmable W-Axis and Arm Structure that contains the Die Guide and Middle Guide support components.  The W-Axis runs parallel with the Z-Axis but is independent for proper positioning to the Die Guide.  The entire W-Axis Arm can be removed and installed on the machine in less than a minute using a series of quick disconnects and a rigid Curvic coupler for unobstructed Ram EDM operation, and the W-Axis Arm also contains a Middle Guide system that prevents vibration or bending of small diameter electrodes during EDM Drilling.  The EDAF3-Fine Hole machine also utilizes high pressure flushing during EDM Drilling operations, and offers pressures up to 6MPa (870psi) or 10MPa (1,490psi), and is standard with a high speed C-Axis that provides precision indexing and continuous rotation speeds up to 2,000rpm.

Table: 700 x 500 mm
X: 450 mm Y: 350 mm Z: 350 mm

Rapid Traverse

5 m/min

Maximum Workpiece Weight

800 kg

ATC Capacity

8, 16, 32

Tank Size

850 x 650 x 400 mm

Table: 27.5" x 19.7"
X: 17.7" Y: 13.8" Z: 13.8"

Rapid Traverse:


Maximum Workpiece Weight:

1,760 lbs

ATC Capacity:

8, 16, 32

Tank Size:

33.5" x 25.6" x 15.8"

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