EDM Hole Drilling


EDM Hole Drilling

Purpose built to deliver top performance and optimal speed 

The EDBV3 (Electrical Discharge Blade and Vane) machine has been specifically designed for the demanding EDM Drilling requirements for blade and vane machining found in the aerospace and power generation industries. The machine has been purpose built to deliver top performance and optimal speed while preventing internal work piece back-striking in the drilling of cooling film holes and diffusors.  The EDBV3 performs all machining fully submerged in de-ionized water to achieve the fastest cycle times and with the most stable hole break-thru operation.  Submerged operation also improves shop safety by minimizing water over-spray and eliminates the cumbersome splash guards found on traditional EDM Drilling machines.  The EDBV3 also provides unrestricted access to the work tank with the programmable 3-sided Rise and Fall work tank system, which affords ergonomic load/unload operations while simplifying automation requirements.

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Technical Specifications

The EDBV3 is configured with an integrated 2-Axis rotary table for positioning of the work piece to access multiple sides and areas of the part in a single setup. The EDBV3 is standard with an advanced break-thru detection circuit to prevent back-striking when EDM Drilling into hollow cavities, and detection occurs within 1 second or 0.040” (1.0mm) of depth.  The tool holders used on the EDBV3 are also specially design to help boost productivity, as the Die Guide and the Electrode tooling are loaded and exchanged together in the machine as an assembled unit, which compresses the combined ATC (Automatic Tool Change) and AGC (Automatic Guide Change) exchange time to within 30 seconds.  The EDBV3 also utilizes a space-savings design that integrates the di-electric reservoir into the base casting of the machine, which improves thermal stability, and the di-electric water quality is maintained by the on-board chiller unit and water filtration and de-ionization systems.

Reliable and consistent performance is a critical requirement of production EDM Drilling applications, and the EDBV3 incorporates several technologies to address common sources of variation, such as properly supporting long length electrodes during machining with a Middle Guide system to prevent the whipping or bending of the electrode.  The EDBV3 utilizes Makino’s advanced Hyper-i control that contains many intelligent, intuitive, and interactive functions that are streamlined to assist the operator in every step of the machining process.  The Hyper-i control, which uses a Windows 7 operating system with a 24” class high-definition touch interface, has been designed with many practical support tools that enhance the capability of operators of all skill levels to achieve higher levels of productivity.  Additional features added for high efficiency EDM hole drilling include pre-programmed cycles for diffuser shapes, intelligent electrode length management, and multiple graphical pick-up cycle that reduce part setup.

Table: Rotary Table - A: 360° / B: -110/+30°
X: 370 mm Y: 270 mm Z: 500 mm

Rapid Traverse

5 m/min

Maximum Workpiece Weight

5 kg (15 kg optional) Rotary Table

ATC Capacity


Tank Size

790 x 611 mm

Table: Rotary Table - A: 360° / B: -110/+30°
X: 14.6" Y: 10.6" Z: 19.7"

Rapid Traverse:


Maximum Workpiece Weight:

11 lb (33 lb optional) Rotary Table

ATC Capacity:


Tank Size:

31.1" x 24.1"

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