EDM Hole Drilling


EDM Hole Drilling

The EDBV8 is designed to achieve top machining performance with an ideal combination of speed, accuracy, and metallurgical quality

The EDBV8 (Electrical Discharge Blade and Vane) machine expands on the X/Y/Z stroke capacities of the smaller EDBV3, and has been designed with a focus on EDM Drilling of turbine engine components. Reliability and consistent quality are an essential performance attribute to production EDM Drilling of blade and vane details found in power generation and aerospace applications, and the EDBV8 contains many unique technologies that minimize process variations.  All machining is performed fully submerged, which facilitates faster and more stable machining, and eliminates the need for traditional manual setup of cumbersome splash guards while preventing shop safety slip hazards caused by water over-spray.  Optimal machining speeds are achieved when drilling cooling film holes and diffusors while preventing internal back-striking, as the EDBV8 has the capability to detect electrode break-thru within 1 second or 0.040” (1.0mm) of depth with its advanced break-thru detection system.

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Technical Specifications

The EDBV8 utilizes water as a di-electric fluid, and the water reservoir has been integrated into the base casting to minimize the machine foot print while also improving thermal stability, and a chiller unit, water filtration, and de-ionization systems are provided to maintain the water quality.  Excellent operator ergonomics and work zone access are provided for loading/unloading tasks with the 3-sided programmable Rise and Fall Work Tank, and multiple sides and locations of the work piece can be accessed in a single setup using the integral 2-Axis rotary table.  To minimize non-value-added motions, the EDBV8 utilizes an exclusive tooling system that performs both ATC (Automatic Tool Change) and AGC (Automatic Guide Change) functions simultaneously by integrating the Die Guide and Electrode components into a common pre-assembled unit that can be exchanged within 45 seconds.  A Middle Guide system prevents the bending and vibration of the electrode during machining, which stabilizes operation when using long electrodes.

The EDBV8 is designed to achieve top machining performance with an ideal combination of speed, accuracy, and metallurgical quality.  Driving this capability is Makino’s advanced Hyper-i control, which utilizes a 24” class high-definition touch screen with a Windows 7 operating system.  The Hyper-i control is a highly efficient interface that is streamlined to enhance the capability of operators of all skill levels, and contains many intuitive practical support tools the are designed to boost productivity.  Several common functions performed in EDM Drilling applications are simplified on the Hyper-i control with the on-board cann’ed cycles for diffuser shape programming, graphically driven part pick-up cycles, and maximum electrode utilization that is automatically tracked and managed through an intelligent electrode length management function.

Table: Rotary Table - A: 360° / B: -110/+30°
X: 800 mm Y: 600 mm Z: 500 mm (750 mm)

Rapid Traverse

5 m/min

Maximum Workpiece Weight

50 kg (150 kg Opt) Rotary Table

ATC Capacity


Tank Size

1,400 x 1050 mm

Table: Rotary Table - A: 360° / B: -110/+30°
X: 31.5" Y: 23.6" Z: 19.7" (29.5")

Rapid Traverse:


Maximum Workpiece Weight:

110 lbs (330 lbs. Opt) Rotary Table

ATC Capacity:


Tank Size:

55.1" x 41.3"

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