EDM Hole Drilling


EDM Hole Drilling

The EDFH-1 is built with reliable long-term mechanical precision in mind

The EDFH-1 machine expands on the advanced ultra-precision capability of the EDAC-1 by incorporating high-accuracy EDM Drilling to the same machine platform.  The EDFH-1 is capable of performing high accuracy standard Ram EDM processing, and can achieve surface finishes  down to  1.3µin Ra (0.25µmRz).  The machine’s refined generator can produce inside corner radii as small as 5 microns (0.0002”), and the Z-Axis Jump Speed of 10m/min (394”/min) provides efficient high speed machining while maintaining a ±1 micron depth control capability using a core-cooled ball screw.  The included high speed C-Axis provides rotation speeds up to 2,000rpm, and the programmable W-Axis provides rigid alignment for EDM Drilling Die Guides and also features a Middle Guide Arm to support and prevent vibration of small diameter electrodes with flushing pressures up to 10Mpa (1,450 psi).       

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Technical Specifications

The EDFH-1 is built with reliable long-term mechanical precision in mind, as the machine construction includes alignment tolerances of 2 microns (0.00008”) or smaller over the full stroke of each axis.  The design of the EDFH-1 includes many elements to enhance thermal stability, such as isolating the heat from the electrical/generator cabinet from the machine structure, and integrating the di-electric reservoir into the base casting which also minimizes the machine’s footprint.  The EDFH-1 utilizes a stationary work table design to further elevate precision, and excellent work tank access and operational ergonomics are provided by the programmable 3-Sided rise and fall work tank system.
Makino’s revolutionary Hyper-i control harnesses all of the advanced capabilities of the EDFH-1 into an efficient and user-friendly interface.  The intuitive and streamlined layout of the Hyper-i control addresses the needs of the operator, and includes practical and useful tools that empower advanced operations, such as the E-Tech Doctor function.  A large high-definition 24” class touch screen provides a commanding view over machine operation, and supports easy customization and remote monitoring  options for operator preferences. The Hyper-i control also entails on-board machine manuals with integrated training videos, and delivers a completely new level of operational efficiency to the shop floor with a focus on optimal machine performance.

Table: 350 x 250 mm
X: 220 mm Y: 180 mm Z: 300 mm

Maximum Workpiece Weight

50 kg

ATC Capacity

8, 16

Tank Size

450 x 350 x 200 mm

Table: 13.8" x 9.8"
X: 8.7" Y: 7.1" Z: 11.8"

Maximum Workpiece Weight:

110 lb

ATC Capacity:

8, 16

Tank Size:

17.7" x 13.8" x 7.9"

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