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Actionable Insights for “Productionizing” mold manufacturing

The keys to competitiveness and bottom-line growth in today’s mold manufacturing market are agility and flexibility – a familiar benchmark for many production machine shops. In response, many of today’s leading mold shops are turning to production machining methods to meet customers’ increasing demands for shorter lead times, improved quality and lower costs. Tune in to this webinar to discover actionable insights from actual shops utilizing both horizontal machining centers and modular fixture methods that can help you establish new processes for eliminating setups, reducing cycle times and improving the accuracy, quality and repeatability of your mold components.


New Sinker EDM Technologies

This webinar highlights the new developments in Makino’s exceptional and complete line of Sinker EDM’s. New technologies covered include HS-Rib, HyperCut and our new user friendly Hyper-i control. Special attention will be focused on the accuracy and capability of the EDNC series including large machines, extended work tank designs and twin head designs.


Selection of Coated EDM Wires. What Technology are you missing?

Learn about the latest developments and applications for coated EDM Wires. Discover the benefits that these specialty wires can provide in specific applications. Multiple types of coated wires will be covered along with their performance differences to standard brass wire. Special attention will be paid to HEAT and HyperCut wires from Single Source Technologies.


2016 IMTS Preview

North American manufacturers are continually being challenged to improve their global competitiveness in the face of significant headwinds, such as overseas low labor cost countries, currency fluctuations as well as finding and retaining the skilled labor necessary to sustain and grow your business. Makino at IMTS will provide a unique and effective path forward in the face of these challenges. Learn how automating your machining operations can solve these and numerous other issues cost effectively. In this webinar we will give you a preview of the future of North American manufacturing and what you can expect to learn at the show.


EDM Probing Technologies

This webinar will cover Makino’s EDM probing system solutions and technologies for a wide array of applications. EDM’ers will find this webinar particularly useful in understanding specific methods for part probing to reduce setup time for traditional Die/Mold parts to probing of aero engine blade and vane details. Also covered will be Makino’s Wire EDM 3D Plane Find function technology that saves valuable time by simplifying work piece setups through use of a probe or low-cost dial indicator.