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MyMakino Customer Portal: A Valuable Tool to Enhance Your Makino Experience

Makino has developed MyMakino, a web portal that provides a personalized, secure interface between you and Makino. This tool equips you with information that can help your manufacturing operation and relationship with your supplier. MyMakino has specific machine service history and responses to frequently asked questions and other technical advice. Users can view and download manuals, watch instructional videos and much more. Learn how to register now and begin a new digital experience with Makino.


Breaking Through the CNC Barrier

Have you or someone you know ever spent hours on a CNC control proving out a part, debugging a program or even creating a program? Sometimes the only barrier between an idea and finished product is the CNC interface. Learn about the critical features and qualities of a CNC that can either help or hinder your productivity, profitability and even safety. Discover how Makino’s Professional 6 control overcomes common CNC challenges by enabling operators to move fluidly through machine setup, easily access valuable information and benefit from safety enhancements. Break through the CNC barrier, and get your shop moving from parts to profits faster.